X-ray Services for Pets

If your pet is scheduled for an X-ray, it’s likely we need a better picture of what’s happening inside their body. X-ray technology has evolved over the years, reducing the levels of radiation that pets and our veterinary staff are exposed to. This tool allows us to better treat and diagnose your pet’s health concerns. 

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What is an X-ray?

X-rays generate images of your pet’s internal organs and structures, with the help of electromagnetic radiation. When the X-rays are targeted at specific areas of your pet’s body, like soft tissues, bones or teeth, they absorb them. This helps create pictures that we’re able to see on a digital monitor, in real time. The process takes around 10 minutes, depending on how many X-rays we need to take.  

Is it safe?

X-ray technology is safe for pets and our veterinary team. We only use this diagnostic tool occasionally, limiting your pet’s exposure to radiation. Typically, you won’t need to do any extra preparations for your pet before their X-ray appointment. However, they may need to be sedated if they tend to move around a lot, get anxious or are feeling any pain. This allows us to take the X-ray quickly, relax your pet and get a clear image. If you have concerns about your pet’s safety, you can contact us at 403-288-7299.

What parts of the body does it capture?

X-rays work better at capturing some parts of your pet’s body better than other diagnostic methods. They help us take images of body parts or conditions such as:

  • Broken bones 
  • Bladder stones 
  • Swallowed objects 
  • Tumours 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Enlarged organs

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