Weight Management for Pets

Weight management is more than a diet. It’s an individualized plan that provides recommendations and strategies to help your pet get to a healthy weight. Though you think your pet is in a healthy weight range, looks can be deceiving. Obesity can shorten your pet’s lifespan due to health complications related to their weight. 

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What is a healthy weight for my pet? 

Our veterinary team can help determine a healthy weight for your pet by assessing their metrics, lifestyle, overall health and physical activity level. Though it can be hard to hear your pet is obese, overweight pets are quite common. We are here to support you and your pet through their weight loss journey. You are your pet’s biggest asset as they navigate weight management. If you’re interested in assessing your pet’s weight, please contact us at 403-288-7299.

How does obesity affect my pet?

Obesity not only means added weight on your pet’s body. It can also cause strain on their bones and organs, leading to health complications. Some of these can shorten your pet’s lifespan, including: 

  • Arthritis 
  • Diabetes 
  • Cancer 
  • Heart disease 
  • Hypertension 
  • Liver issues 
  • Kidney disease 

How does weight management work in pets?

Weight management includes our veterinary team creating a plan to help your pet achieve a healthy weight, with your input of course. We will help you adjust your pet’s caloric intake, integrate more exercise and make lifestyle changes to help them break out of bad habits. For example, your pet may need to be on a feeding schedule, which means no begging for food outside of designated meal times. 

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