Orthopedic Services for Pets

Orthopedic services help support any bone or joint conditions your pet could have. Whether your pet has a newly diagnosed condition or is dealing with a chronic illness, our veterinary team is equipped to provide the highest quality of care. If your pet is experiencing pain, we can provide treatments that alleviate any discomfort they are feeling. 

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What orthopedic conditions do you treat?

Some orthopedic conditions are caused by risk factors like age, weight and breed, including arthritis. Others, like hip dysplasia and other conditions related to skeletal structure are linked to genetics. Fractures and torn ligaments are also common, caused by injuries or wear and tear. These conditions could need short term or long term treatment, depending on the severity of the condition. If you have questions about our diagnostic or treatment process, please contact us at 403-288-7299.

What are the signs of orthopedic conditions?

Depending on the condition and your pet, it could present as different symptoms. Some general signs you can look for include: 

  • Limping 
  • Weight loss 
  • Stiffness 
  • Reduced activity level
  • Difficulty moving around 

How do you treat them?

Depending on the orthopedic condition, our veterinary team will recommend an individualized treatment plan to ease any of its negative effects. We’ll consult with you about the best course of action to treat your pet, including oral medication, physiotherapy, exercise, weight management and surgery. 

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