Euthanasia Services for Pets

As your pet ages or becomes ill, euthanasia can be a difficult decision to consider. We empathise that this is a decision most pet owners would rather not think about. Ultimately, the most important thing is your pet’s wellbeing, particularly if their condition is impacting their quality of life. In these situations, euthanasia can be the most compassionate decision you make on their behalf. 

When is it time to say goodbye?

There is no right time to say goodbye to your furry family member. Especially if your pet seems good one day and bad the next, it can be difficult to understand how their quality of life is being impacted. Though the final decision is ultimately yours, our veterinary team can provide insight into your pet’s health to support your decision-making. We’ll help you consider if your pet: 

  • Experiences chronic pain that can’t be alleviated with medication 
  • Has stopped eating and/or has lost weight 
  • Chronically vomits and has uncontrollable diarrhea 
  • Has stopped being active
  • No longer stands or walks on their own 

What is in-office euthanasia? 

Some pet owners choose to peacefully end their pet’s life at our veterinary office. To reduce any anxiety your pet could feel before coming into our practice, we can provide you with a sedative you’ll administer before you’re en route. Our priority is ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possible leading up to and during the procedure. You can also decide how involved you’d like to be during their final moments. We can provide you with a private room to say your goodbyes before we start the procedure. During the procedure, your pet will get a sedative, followed by the medication that peacefully ends their life. Once your pet has passed, you can either take them home for burial, or we can provide you with resources for cremation services.