Dental Care Services for Pets

Do you remember the last time your furry friend had their teeth cleaned? It can be easy to overlook your pet’s oral health. However, it’s important to take care of their teeth in the same way you would other parts of their body. Skipping your pet’s yearly dental exam and cleaning increases their risk of developing dental disease. 

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What is gum disease?

Gum disease happens when bacteria and food particles combine, causing an acid attack on their enamel and creating plaque. Plaque can be harmful if it’s left on the surface of your pet’s teeth because it can harden into tartar. The longer tartar and plaque stay on your pet’s teeth, it increases the likelihood of gingivitis, periodontal disease, cavities and oral infections. Regular brushing at home as well as professional dental cleanings are the only way to ensure your pet maintains good oral hygiene and health. 

What signs should I look out for?

When pets are in pain, it’s unlikely they’ll start acting like it until it’s unbearable. They have a natural instinct to hide signs of weakness. It’s important to look out for any of these signs to decrease any pain and get the infection or disease treated. Please contact us at 403-288-7299 if you notice any of these symptoms: 

  • Broken or loose teeth 
  • Red, swollen gums 
  • Discomfort while eating 
  • Bloody drool 
  • Weight loss 

When should my pet have their first cleaning?

Kittens and puppies should have their first dental appointment after they’ve been weaned. After that, they should have one scheduled every year. It’s important to have consistent teeth cleanings because pets who have never had a teeth cleaning have signs of dental disease by the time they are 3-years-old. At your pet’s dental exam, we’ll check their head, face, and mouth for signs of health issues. Next, we’ll work on cleaning any plaque and tartar on their teeth as well as below the gumline. Once your pet’s teeth are clean, we can give you tips and tricks to help you remove food particles and plaque at home between professional pet dental cleanings, like pet-safe toothpaste and toothbrushes as well as dental chews.

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