Bloodwork Services for Pets

Bloodwork is a diagnostic tool that gives us vital information about your pet’s internal health. It can help us determine any underlying health concerns your pet has and detect the early signs of a disease. It also helps us to establish a baseline of your furry friend’s health and make changes to their care to best suit their individual needs.  

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Why is bloodwork necessary?

Just like with humans, it’s recommended pets do regular bloodwork to assess their overall health. Blood tests can tell us a range of things about your pet’s health. For example, bloodwork can help us learn whether your pet is dehydrated, has anemia or is in the early stages of developing a disease like cancer. Bloodwork is a part of your pet’s wellness exam that we recommend if we suspect your pet is dealing with a specific ailment. 

What do blood tests tell you?

Your pet’s red and white blood cells reveal important information about their health. A high count of red blood cells may indicate dehydration, while a low count can be an indicator of anemia. Depending on the number of red blood cells your pet has, this tells us how well their body is working. The amount of hemoglobin (protein) in these cells also tells us how well they carry oxygen throughout their body. A high white blood cell count is a sign of infection, whereas a low one can mean your pet has a weakened immune system.

Do you have an in-house laboratory? 

While we are able to perform certain testing on-site in our in-house laboratory, there are instances where bloodwork needs to be sent to an outside lab. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us at 403-288-7299.

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